The Twentieth Century Area Studies Group is a Doctoral and Graduate Students’ Council (DSC) Chartered Org open to all CUNY GC students interested in the Twentieth Century as an area of academic inquiry.

The group serves as space of exchange for student work and ideas within or concerning the historical period of the Twentieth Century (or – further!). The group aims to foster discussion between interdisciplinary areas of study. Broadly, it is a space for students to think through their own interests while using the “Twentieth Century” as a lens through which to view any number of different issues, including advice concerning the discipline or field-specific questions.

Students meet to plan events like speakers, panel discussions, workshops, and conferences with the aim of providing a platform for their work at various stages.

Past activities have included sponsored talks and reading groups (on theory, contemporary fiction, and more). For several years, a modernism-studies group met regularly around various events, including journal studies groups, museum and archive trips, and professionalization workshops with students or guest speakers. More recently, a writing workshop series has focused on student works in progress, including talking through ideas, conference talks and proposals, article submissions, dissertation proposals, dissertation chapters at different stages, mock job talks, and other projects.

The group also places an emphasis on the support and feedback that event participants can extend to graduate students. Membership is open to any and all Graduate Center students. The area group has co-sponsored student-initiated events and is especially interested in working with other DSC chartered organizations and student groups.

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