Spring 2016: The 20th/21st Century Studies Workshop Series

The 20th/21st Century Studies Workshop Series for Spring 2016:

The aim of the monthly series is for us to come together informally around our largely independent research and works in progress: to learn about each other’s projects, give or get feedback, and build community through our interests. Presenters are doctoral students and candidates at the GC. All interested parties are welcome!

Upcoming discussions range from museum collaboration to a conference paper in gestation, to different stages of dissertation work:

Feb. 26 – Zebulah Baldwin
Mar. 18 – Elizabeth Goetz
Apr. 1 – Michele Chinitz, 1st part; Stefano Morello, 2nd part
May 6 – Jason Nielsen, 1st part; Madison Priest, 2nd part

The  series meets one Friday each month at 12.30, for 45 or 60 min. in the English Thesis Room, room 4406. Midday refreshments provided. RSVP: not necessary but helpful for planning.

Supported by the student-run DSC 20th Century Studies Group and organized through the English department 20th/21st Century Area Group.

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